Why Trade Paint Makes a Difference

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You might be thinking about doing some redecorating, or perhaps you are a professional painter and are just looking for the best paint for the job. You will be used to seeing consumer paint around in your local stores but what about trade paint?

Trade paint is used by professional decorators and offers much better quality than your standard paint. This article will show you why you should choose it for your next job, whether it be personal or professional. 

Why should I pick trade paint?

It just so happens to be the go-to for decorators and professionals to get their hands on. The reasons being are that the coverage is better than any other consumer paint out there and offers a longer-lasting finish. It also has easier application so there is no need to stress if you are not an experienced painter or decorator. 

The longer-lasting paint and better coverage means that you won’t be doing coat after coat and won’t need to top it up as much as you might have to with a consumer paint. Another great benefit is that it dries faster, let’s face it, if you’re a professional painter and decorator, you don’t have hours to wait around for paint to dry!


You might be thinking that it must come at a higher price if the quality is so much better. We don’t blame you, as this is usually the case when it comes to finding something that is premium! 

But companies like The Paint Shed don’t believe in charging prices to match the standard. You won’t find overpriced paints in this store; they strongly believe that people shouldn’t be charged a higher price just for wanting a high-quality paint that does the job better than any 

others. There is no need to look any further when it comes to getting the best deals on trade paint!

Types of Trade Paint available 

Another great thing about trade paint, is the variation that there is! 

Emulsion which is great for someone wanting a paint that is hard wearing. It is a water-based paint which is ideal for reaching a high-quality sheen.

Eggshell leaves a finish that would come in-between a satin and matt paint. So, if you’re not sure whether you’re wanting a matte finished or a silky sheen, then going in the middle might be the best option!

Of course, there is also Satin paint. This is a velvety paint that creates a smooth finish even on the most uneven surfaces. 

If you’re wanting a shiny look, then Gloss paint might be the one for you. This finishes with a high shine which reflects light. Perfect for a bright finish in any room.

Masonry is an acrylic-based paint that can easily be applied to any surface which is perfect for painting outdoors. 

Let’s not forget about Primer and undercoat. These are the best at providing protection for your surface and are made to be used before you apply any colour. 

Trade paint is a winner every time! Make sure to get your hands on some for your next project. 

Wow! Why Trade Paint Makes a Difference