Creating a home office to be productive in

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While some of us have been rejoicing at the prospect of long term homeworking (no more getting to the coffee maker just as the milk runs out or having to avoid overly personal questions from Janet in accounting), there are others who are missing the sense of purpose and focus that being with co-workers can bring.   

If you are finding it tough to stay on task during the workday when your office is the kitchen table, it might be time to consider if your surroundings are playing a part in your new-found reluctance to get things done.

Your current workspace could be the aforementioned kitchen table, the coffee table or even a chest of drawers in your bedroom. No matter where you have set up shop there are a few things you can do to create a more encouraging work environment. 

In an ideal world, you would have a dedicated home office where you can shut the door and get to work unencumbered, acting as if you have taken up residence in the corner office. Sadly, if that isn’t the case and you’re still stuck at home, try these tips.

Move things into the bedroom

If you are feeling unfocused in the kitchen or living room you have good reason to. From TVs and game consoles to other family members passing through for a quick sandwich or cuppa on a regular basis, it is no wonder that you can get distracted all too easily. Make the move to your bedroom instead. With less through traffic and fewer things to draw you away, you may find your productivity increases. Another benefit of keeping work out of your living spaces is that it gives you somewhere concrete to wind down at the end of the day.

Check your set up

A set up that forces you into an uncomfortable position for hours at a time is bound to take its toll. Have a critical look at how you sit while working and what could be done to make it more friendly on your body. If you are using a laptop the chances are high that you are craning your neck down to see the screen. A simple laptop stand will help alleviate this. The addition of an external mouse and keyboard will also give you more space to work, not to mention making navigating documents a whole lot easier. And you’re saying “but I don’t have a spare keyboard and mouse”, I am sure work won’t mind you nipping into an empty office to grab yours from your desk (just don’t take the desk with you).

Zoom friendly areas

Are video calls and meetings a large part of your day now? Getting the lighting right and finding a decent background are some of the most common stressors when it comes to this new way of working. If you are in a particularly dark area of the home then you might want to take a leaf out of the youtubers books and get yourself a ring light that can circle your camera with ease. An alternative is to give your walls a lick of paint. If the wall is seen on camera a fresh coat of paint will create a much more put-together look while a light colour behind your camera will reflect much more light onto your face 

We really don’t know how long working from home will have to last so it is truly in your best interest to make it as easy as possible. Stop seeing it as a temporary state of affairs and give serious thought to what would make it as productive as possible.

Wow! Creating a home office to be productive in