5 Things Everyone Staying Home Needs RIGHT NOW

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2020 has turned into a year where all the days blur into one. You might now have your working from home routine down to a precise science. You might have finally mastered the Couch to 5k. You may even have got yourself a hobby to while away the hours in the evening.


One thing is for certain though; with clusters popping up around the country, every day it is looking more and more that we’ll spending the rest of the year tucked up indoors. And while we’re inside, shouldn’t we be making it as comfy and care-free as possible?


To help make it a reality, I have hand picked 5 things I believe everyone staying at home needs RIGHT NOW. The only criteria for the items you’re about to see is that they’re all items which can be delivered to your front door. Let’s start off with the one thing everything need first thing in the morning: a decent coffee.



Oh how I long for the days of being able to pop in to the coffee shop on the way to work and get an Americano or properly brewed filter coffee that essentially acts as rocket fuel for the day ahead. Anyone out there who misses the same, and now settles for those cans of instant which promise barista style americanos and espressos but miss the mark, should start looking at getting coffee delivered.


Now, I’m not talking about Starbucks or Tim Hortons coming with an order every morning (although that would be blissful). I’m referring to the highly competitive world of coffee subscriptions. There are companies who will roast and grind coffee before shipping it to you within a few days.


Some of the most notable companies that do good coffee include Pact, Iron & Fire, and Rave. I do recommend letting the internet do its magic and search these companies first without making an order. You’ll soon see them pop up in your social feeds offering better deals with free accessories. I used this method to get a free filter with my first order.



Is it 2010? Then why are you still plugging your laptop into a HDMI cable and popping it on the floor to watch stuff on the TV? It’s 2020, and you should be living like royalty, so get yourself a Chromecast.


They only coast about £30 and make it effortless to stream anything on the TV. I even managed to get a free Google speaker from my Spotify account the other month. Now that they’re both connected to the Wi-FI, I can tell the speaker exactly what to play on the TV and it will do it.


What a time to be alive. And no more tripping over the lead on the way to the kitchen.


Decent Loungewear

Are you guilty of wearing pyjama or tracksuit bottoms and your fanciest work shirt while on Zoom calls? Or do you have joggers which now almost lovingly have holes down the stitching?


With all the money saved from not going out, get yourself some decent loungewear and lap up the luxry. No more high street bargains for joggers under a tenner. Splash out and get yourself something that makes sinking into the sofa for your next Netflix binge that much better.


Boxers & Socks

Sticking with your comfies, are you still buying multipacks of boxers and socks because you seem to go them too quickly. You’ll want to upgrade your underwear drawer and get some fancy boxers & socks.


I highly recommend https://bawbags.com/collections/mens-boxer-shorts for supporting local a business which makes boxers for women too, and contributes a portion of every sale to charity.


Magazine Subscription
When you get your news, views, memes, and everything in-between from your phone, are you really dedicating some time to letting your brain stew on something? Some people, through no lack of trying, aren’t avid readers. If your recent purchases from Amazon are starting to gather dust on the bedside table, but you can easily read a 15 minute article on your phone, you should think about getting a magazine subscription.


There’s nothing as nice as a new issue of a familiar favourite popping through the letterbox for you to flip through on the sofa with your fancy new loungewear, while sipping on a freshly brewed coffee and listening to music on your TV.


See, it all ties together!

Wow! 5 Things Everyone Staying Home Needs RIGHT NOW