5 Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

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A lot of us have – at least! – one Star Wars fan in our lives. This iconic Franchise now spans more than 10 films (If you include Rogue One and Solo) and its universe has been a source of inspiration since the first opus in 1977.

Whether you’re looking to surprise a Star Wars fan for his/her birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, we’ve put together a small selection of fun and original gift ideas that are sure to please them.

A Falcon Millennium Model to Build

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying the Millennium Falcon alongside Han Solo and Chewie? If gifting an actual ship may pose a bit of a problem, a model to build is the next best thing. You can now find models that are true to the original design and you can build your own Millennium Falcon – a dream come true for many fans!

They typically come with full instructions so you don’t need to have prior building experience, and you can even choose a subscription to spread the cost and create a monthly surprise for your loved one.

The Jedi Path & Book of Sith

True fans will be delighted to expand on the lore of the saga with this duo of books. The Jedi Path is a manual for students of the force and gives instructions on how to follow the path to the light side. It also contains commentary from illustrious Jedi masters including Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

On the other side of the force, the Book of Sith includes texts compiled by Darth Sidious in his quest for galactic domination. It includes diaries from dark lords and secrets to the dark side, so be careful who you gift this book to!

Salt & Pepper Grinders

Quirky gifts are always fun, but quirky gifts that are actually useful tick all the boxes! Salt and pepper grinders may be a classic in the kitchen, but these lightsaber grinders will add a touch of fun while remaining functional and help you season your dishes.

We’ll have to add an honourable mention for the Darth Vader pizza cutter, the R2D2 oven mitts and X-Wing knife block. You’d be surprised to see how much Star Wars kitchenware exists, so if you like going down that route for your gift, look around and you’re sure to find something fun and useful.

Death Star Waffle Maker

If the Star Wars fan in your life also happens to be a gourmet, they are sure to love this fun waffle maker that gives waffles a clean, round shape that form a Death Star.

But this waffle maker isn’t just fun and is a fully functional kitchen appliance and is easy to use and clean. Made of stainless steel to prevent batter from sticking, there are several heating settings to suit your recipe.

R2D2 Lunch Bag

The brand Thermos is well known for manufacturing bags, bottles and other insulated kits that allow you to keep food and drinks cold or hot, depending on what you choose and what you’re using their products for. Their R2D2 lunch bag is perfect for younger fans or those of us who never lost their child’s sense of fun. It’s a great way to carry lunch to school or work while keeping its contents fresh – it also has lights and sounds!

We hope you’ve found these few ideas useful and that you’re inspired for the next time you have to buy a gift for a Star Wars fan!

Wow! 5 Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans